Capture Leads, Build A List, Develop A Relationship 
And Create Automated Income - All Within 28 Days

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Imagine sending a single email and making thousands of dollars in the following few hours. Or imagine writing an email that keeps generating money every month - for years to come.

I have done it. Many of my friends have done it. And even more of our students have done it. And most exciting, you can do it too.

Studies have proven it. Email remains the most powerful form of online marketing. Period.

Email marketing gives a better return on investment than SEO, Social Media, PPC or any other form of online marketing method. And not by any small margin. In many studies email marketing out performs the next highest return strategy (SEO) by almost double.

However... it needs to be done right.

Using automated email sequences in particular can be the closest thing you will come to legally printing cash. Once configured correctly your messages will keep sending and sending. Each one working to build a relationship, establish trust, educate the subscriber, and to eventually lead to a sale.

You don't even need your own product. You could simply promote other peoples products or services through an affiliate link.

The truth is building a list, and following up with that list, is the first step and the corner stone to building any business online. It should also be the first thing any offline business does when they start building an online presence. 

A good list with a well crafted email sequence will allow you to create a relationship, establish credibility and build trust. They allow you to drip feed content, educate prospects and deliver value at almost no cost. They also allow you to do market research, get feedback and of course sell products or services.

Drawing on over a decade of experience that has generated millions of dollars in revenue 'Émail Marketing That Works' will teach you:

The entire course is spread across 28 days with simple, easy to follow, step by step video instructions. 

Each lesson explains the theory, then demonstrates what to do. Along with each lesson is links to any resources or tools that will be needed, or could be useful.

Implementing each stage will not take too long, so even if you have a busy schedule you should be able to find the time to study the material and follow the action steps. (And if for any reason you miss a day or two, no problem - the lessons will always be waiting there for you when you find time again.)

Do not do as I did... For the first few years online I delayed getting serious about building my list. I kept focusing on studying courses, building my products, and setting up my websites.

Everyone kept telling me 'build a list, the money is in the list'. I thought I was listening. I thought I understood. Yet I did not do it, not properly anyway. Learn from my mistakes and do not delay this critical first step to building a business, or expanding an existing one.

Each lesson is only a few minutes long and does not take long to implement. The results however will last for years to come. This is the same content (and then some) that you will find in courses 2 or 3 times the price. 

Get started today. Click the big orange button below and build an asset that will keep on delivering (literally) year in, year out.